Greenback Recovery Group, LLC

She is attempting to collect on a debt but has failed to identify herself as a debt collector 3 times. How much do you owe? C again we don't do payday loans. And the field Consumer Complaint: The above data is from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They call and its a recording stating we need to call back-diff number than on caller id. Your last name is required to be at least 2 characters.

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Second Chance Financial, LLC; Payday Loan Recovery Group, LLC; Payday Loan Recovery Group; Payday Loan Recovery; International Recovery Services, LLC; International Recovery Services; and D & R Recovery, Defendants. On XX/XX/XXXX I gave Greenback Recovery Group permission to withdraw {$} from my bank account. I gave them my debit card number so they would be able to. Greenback Recovery Group, LLC. Debt collection >> Payday loan Apr, Communication tactics: Threatened to take legal action. Has anyone ever heard of PDL Recovery Group LLC? I received a call from them saying that they represent VIP Cash. He said I had received a direct deposit loan from PayDay loans and when they tried to collect direct from my checking account that either the account had been closed or I had stopped payment. He also said that information .

Debts that are not yours. Errors on your credit report. Your first name is required to be at least 2 characters. Your first name cannot be longer than 50 characters.

Your last name is required to be at least 2 characters. Your last name cannot be longer than 50 characters. Your 10 digit phone number is required. Your age must be between 18 and Your age must be greater than Your age must be less than I agree to the terms below. Get Help Contact Me. Consent is not required as a condition to utilize Lexington Law or Debt. Complete Credit Solutions, Inc.

Eastern Account Systems of Connecticut, Inc. About Research Department Here is where you will find important stories located from around the web which can impact you and your financial life. Posted September 17, 0. Ask for Debt Help. What Are Your Spending Habits? To make sure they do not withdraw more funds I feel I have to get a new debit card.

The agreement I had made with them was for me to make a payment once per month. Now I am not even sure they are a collection agency that has been hired to collect a debt. Please help me resolve this. She said I 'm under final legal review and will give you a state mandated notice of intent.

Should you wish to face your accuser and have a right to give your personal input. False statements or representation: Indicated committed crime not paying. This complaint concerns the actions of Greenback Recovery Group in an attempt to collect a debt. She identified herself as a " Senior Arbitrator '' in the legal division, and stated that she had received documents identifying me as the " primary Respondent ''.

She proceeded to state that I had written " bad checks from a XXXX Bank checking account attached to a social security number ending in xxxx ''. She stated she represented an unnamed attorney network.