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While most companies out there refuse to offer loans for people with bad credit situationswe, at Loans. Once you have reviewed your credit report, contact the bureaus to correct any incorrect or missing information. Do not feel anymore stressed up. For example, they may want a particular socio-economic group or age bracket. I will like to testify of a good and trustworthy Loan Firm.

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If you have been refused a loan or turned down for a credit card, think very carefully before applying for more credit. Any credit applications you make – successful or not – will show up on your credit file. Several applications in a short space of time might make lenders think you’re desperate for cash. Jul 04,  · I keep getting turned down for a payday loan is there any where i can go to get a payday loan today? Need a payday loan for but have been turn down all day any one know a site that is quareenteed?Status: Resolved. Banks and credit card companies were heavily criticised for irresponsible lending and forcing loans on to customers in the boom years. So it can come as a shock to be turned down for a loan or credit card in the post-credit crunch-years.

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