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Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. No regulations or not specified. Payday lenders do not compare their interest rates to those of mainstream lenders. Employees on a yearly salary can be paid on a monthly basis. Tom Lehman, an advocate of payday lending, said:. Banking accounts are a necessary tool for financial safety and independence.

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Laws Pertaining to Payday Loans in Connecticut By law payday loans are prohibited in the state of Connecticut. Lenders in this state must possess a license to deposit checks into someone's account and the state sets a minimum fee for cashing a post-dated  · Connecticut Payday Loan Laws and Legislation. The situation of living from a paycheck to paycheck is very familiar to many people. Sometimes it is really hard to find money if something like car breaks down unexpectedly or one of the family members falls ill and expensive medications are needed Can I get a payday loan in Connecticut? There is a cap of 12% in place on the total interest a lender may charge, effectively making payday loans illegal. These laws were put in place to protect consumers due to the predatory practices of

Connecticut Payday Loan Laws and Legislation

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APR should equate Add-on interest is also taken into consideration. According to the state law it is required that any individual lender or a company must have a license in order to deposit check into someone's account. It is also presupposed that a person cashing a post-dated check should pay a certain fee. The state commissioner after a background check decides whether to give permission or not.

However, the existing lenders should comply with the limits on fees set by the state laws. Short-term loans can be given to borrowers but under very strict conditions to the lenders. It is also required that the lenders put the list of the fees and all the company information in the most visible place in order for a customer to see it well.

This is a highly unprofitable business for lending companies in the state of Connecticut due to such laws and as long as lending on different terms is illegal there are no payday lending companies here as such. Such laws are directed to protect the residents of the state of Connecticut form dishonest actions of the lenders and to prevent usury.

With all these severe limitations payday lenders find it difficult to work in the state. Payday loans however is a very good way of solving problems with cash when it is needed most. Perhaps, there are no friends to help at the moment and no savings to rely on; there are always payday lending companies that can offer their services on very reasonable terms. No regulations or not specified. Monthly payday requirements for Executive, Administrative, and Professional personnel.

Payday two or more days in a month, not more than 16 days apart. Longer interval up to monthly permitted if approved by labor commissioner. Employees may choose to be paid on a monthly basis under special election procedure. Director of labor and industrial relations also may grant exceptions to the general semi-monthly payday requirement. Payday requirement applies only to private sector employment.

Any predictable and reliable pay schedule is permitted as long as employees get paid at least monthly and no later than 12 days excluding Sundays and legal holidays from the end of the period when the wages were earned.

This can be waived by written agreement; employees on commission have different requirements. Applicable to entities employing 10 or more employees that are engaged in manufacturing, mining, or boring for oil, and to every public service corporation. Payment is required no less than twice during each calendar month.