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I had to give them the number of the back of the cards. Summer is ending and there' We do not allow any personal information about individuals to be posted and this rule is strictly enforced. So even if this is some kind of mistaken identity thing it's just a nuisance really. So glad I wasn't desperate. My wife took out a title loan to help with bills when she got sick.

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 · American Cash Services USA - Payday Loan Collection Scam. Date Posted: Friday, January 6, ACS Inc. Payday Loans; Some consumers report receiving repeated harassing collection calls. The callers call consumers at work and home. In some cases, they have called consumers’ credit references. Scams or premiumwebtheme.tk://premiumwebtheme.tk  · DFI has received reports of apparent scams conducted by individuals claiming to represent Advance America, Cash America, Cash Advance America, Speedy Cash, and Advance America Payday Loans. Numerous consumers received phone calls and/or email messages from people claiming to represent Cash Advance America, Cash premiumwebtheme.tk  · Extortion Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans Washington, D many complaints from victims of payday loan telephone collection scams. Callers claim the victim is delinquent in a payday loan premiumwebtheme.tk › Home › News › Press Room › Press Releases.


303 Advance America Cash Advance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Ridiculous - get a real job! I was offer a loan in a text message and since my credit is bad. I call the number, I notice the heavy accent. But I continue talking. They knew so much about me phone number, social security, bank routing and checking account.

I immediately took the money out of my account. He calls me 1 hour later and demands my online banking user name!!! I told him I don't have one. So he demands my bank card number!!! I said "No way I would not give you that ever.

I just received an email stating that I took out a loan for Asked them what the account number was and if I could have a copy of the agreement and they said no that this was going to court.

I asked for the case number. They gave me a fake number. Cash Advance America called me up and said I was approved for a loan.

I gave them all the information and to get to the point they deposited counterfeit check into my account and the bank closed my Account. Now what can I do? Got a call today, , and answered to hear that I was preapproved for a thousand dollars loan, and just call them back at same phone number. I called back, they answered Cash Advance. I asked "Do you have a web site?

If their site is not professional, then neither are they! I even look for typos. Well, the guy just hung up on me. So I started researching yes, I can use a grand or two this month , and found all of these reviews. Thanks to all of you for sharing. They are, as I suspected, scammers. I feel bad for people who gave them money, or got bankrupted by them. And folks, just know, they can call from anywhere in the world and make it look like they are inside the USA with bogus numbers.

It's why they are so cocky and seem fearless. Our money could be supporting more than just criminal phone calls. So I ask them to send the account number and when this was done no response. I have even ask for their phone number. All they keep saying is this is the final notice and how am I willing to settle. OKAY so I can't have your number. They claim to be taking legal action. I never heard of them and I have no idea who these people are. There is also no phone number on the email.

I'm positive this is a scam and I think they are probably another out of the country scamming outfit. Today I received an email stating I owe them money and as of today it was turned over to the courts. You cannot get in touch with them in order to figure out if it's a scam or what.

I had received automated calls from this company days in a row. I wanted to consolidate my credit cards. I decided to call back but every time I called, I would get a recording that the person I was trying to reach was not able to receive calls and to try later. Right then and there I thought The following week, I received another call, I too, spoke with a woman with a very thick accent not to mention there was so much noise in the background, it was even more harder to hear her. Do I really look like boo boo the clown.

What legitimate company will ask for that info. When I asked her why she needed that info, she replied, they need to access the account to make sure it's my account.

I told her she is a liar, accessing my account does not prove that it's my account. I then told her to remove my number from their calling list. She said they would but lo and behold, I received another automated call again today. People are trying to get loans to consolidate or whatever. Why in the world does these companies think folks have money to send them for a loan. Never took out a loan from any of these institutions. But I like messing with them when I do get them.

Easiest way to figure out it is a scam, promptly ask them, "How can I send you the money so I can clear my name today? I then ask them again, "How can I send the money right now to take advantage of this great settlement amount?

I was desperate money. I had applied for a short term loan. They called and asked me what I wanted. I was like ok. I went to my bank and there was no deposit from anyone except for my wife's check. They emailed me saying that they're going to make it so I can't get a job. My account will be frozen etc. I contacted the FBI and sent them the email I received from them.

So if they are reading this and I hope they are but the FBI is coming. I do not owe these people. They go to class reunion. I have not had a loan in 20 years, they can keep it up and I will sue for harassment. I am tired of these people trying to scam me.

There is definitely something needs to be done about them. I had one removed from my credit report. They need to quit prying on people. Something needs to be done. I just had a wonderful time jerking these people off.

They've been robocalling me a couple of times a day for some weeks, so I finally decided to call back and really piss them off. No legitimate company calls you to offer you a loan - you have to call them and actually apply.

Anyway, these jerkoffs kept hanging up on me so I kept calling back - 15 times before they finally blocked my number. I then used another phone to call again and pretend like I really wanted a loan. He then wanted to know how I thought I would get a loan with only making that much a month.

I replied that since they had called me, they obviously already knew how much I made and yet still offered me a loan. I gave him the number of an old account that has been closed for some time, and he really got pissed. He eventually hung up on me too. I only wish I could have recorded this for YouTube. Now I didn't need that much, but I called. Amy had a thick accent like from India. Not too bad I told her. She wanted me to send them money first then they would deposit my money.

She called it "insurance". I told her no and not to ever contact me again. Be aware of this company. It's a ponzi scam. They make you trust them and then that's when you get scammed. I have police report on them and may go to the FBI. They want you to go get Green Dot cards, load them up and then they put money in your account and take it out. They have what is called burn phones, non traceable phones. Once they are used them up they get another number and try to sucker someone else.

Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. Thank you for submitting information suggestions. We will review your suggestions and update the company profile if necessary. I have never had a loan with company and the internet crime complaint center claims that this company says i got a loan by eft electronic funds transfer which I never recieved and that they say I defrauded them by not making payment which I never got Told me it was from American cash lending.

Could not give me any other information and called my job. I have never received any notification or any loans from I received a phone call from someone stating that they where working for a law firm by the name of Ryan Richards legal associates. They claimed there was a complaint against me and there was charges being filed. I was then transferred to someone whom Had someone call me with a accent saying they worked for a law firm and they were collecting for American cash I told them I do not remember getting this loan I will make payment arrangements they told it was to late the amount was and then they Add a complaint and spread the word.

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